The Luxe How-To Guide To Manage Those Beached Out Locks

This is the way we love to manage our hair that is drying out from too much sun, salt and swim during this summer season.

Protect and Keep Strong

Rule #1 is to ALWAYS protect your strands. Whether your hair is coloured or untouched, you need to take into consideration how strong the Australian UV rays are on the hair. Just like your skin, it is important to shield your hair from the sun to keep it healthy and shiny. We have some major hair rules to keep your hair looking luxe, strong and glamorous.

Keep the hair strong all year round with an in-salon Olaplex Service – Utilising the No.1 and No.2 formula, combined with the 3-4-5 Olaplex Home Care regime, will ensure the hair is kept strong and smooth through the hotter months. Using Olaplex on a weekly basis, will help rebuild and repair the bonds of the hair that are weakened as a result of bleaching services, heat styling and sun exposure.
Our Hot Tip: Applying Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector before going to the beach or after the exceptionally hot and long days will help your hair restore and improve the condition of the hair. The longer this product is left on the hair, the more effective it is!

olaplex beach


Use Protection

We all take plenty of measures to protect our skin from the sun so why is it that we forget about our hair? Just like our skin, exposure to the sun, salt and chlorinated water during summer can causing ageing and drying out of the hair. Follow these simple steps to keep your hair looking on point through both the summer days and nights.

Before entering the water, whether it’s the beach, pool, salt or chlorinated, wet your hair down with fresh water to protect and open up the hair strand. Apply your favourite leave-in conditioner (our’s is R + Co High Dive Moisture + Shine Creme) and leave in the hair to create a shield from chlorine chemicals and salt elements which contribute to fading your colour and damaging your hair.

Before laying out your towel or propping up your sun lounge, we recommend in applying Kerastase CC Creme. Just like a sunscreen for the hair, this light-weight cream will protect your hair from the harsh UV rays, all while protecting your colour from fading and adding moisture to your mane. Apply a five-cent sized amount on dry hair for sun protection, or apply on freshly washed damp hair before blow-drying to eliminate frizz and flyaways.


Avoid Heat Styling

We don’t know about you, but for us, there is nothing worse than the thought of blow-drying your hair on a hot humid night after a long day in the sun. We get it still want to look hot and beach swept while sipping cocktails through the night. To get the ultimate, lived in #frenchgirllook, invest in one of our favourite products, Davines Oi All in One Milk. This all-rounder fave has an exceptional conditioning effect and gives the hair body without weighing it down.
Our Hot Tip: For a full textured look, combine Davines Oi Milk with R + Co Rockaway Salt Spray. Twist in 12 sections, almost to the point the hair is a knot and let hair dry naturally. When dry, shake the hair out and comb through with fingers to achieve beach swept hair.



Remember, have fun in the sun – with your hair too!