Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering making an appointment with us at LUXE Concept Salon – we understand that you may have some questions for us.

We are a colour-driven salon, and it is what we do, and pride ourselves on, everyday. We aim to please every client, produce the perfect colour and provide a high standard of salon experience every time.

Whilst this is our goal, at times there are circumstances that may prevent us from reaching your desired colour in one visit. Please read the following FAQs, which we hope can address some of your queries prior to your appointment.

What will my stylist address in the consultation?2018-03-02T13:39:42+11:00

Our stylists are trained to give full transparency to our clients during the consultation component of each appointment, and we ask the same of our clients! The stylists need to know a full and complete colour history of the hair in order to understand what we are dealing with, and give you the best standard of service possible.

In cases where the expectations of the client are beyond what may be achievable in one session with us, we will endeavour to offer alternatives that are still of a high, beautiful standard until we can next see you. In cases where poor quality products have been used prior to your appointment, the need for a clarifying treatment and Olaplex may be recommended to ensure we can deliver the required results.

Your stylist will also recommend appropriate home care products, toning products, and rebooking recommendations which will best help us maintain your colour. We always aim to educate our clients in a kind, honest & transparent way, so that we are able to come to a shared understanding with what is possible in regards to the science of hair. We make no judgement based on previous hair care regimes, and we do our best to ensure that our clients can take home products that enable them to have beautiful hair beyond the salon!

Which stylist should I book my appointment with?2018-03-02T13:38:50+11:00

All of our stylists have profiles on our website (www.luxeconceptsalon.com.au). Our team have been trained by the best, and are all very capable of any services. Whilst you are a client of LUXE Concept Salon, there is more to a stylist than just their work, and we understand that sometimes, it is about the right fit! Once you find the right stylist, this relationship becomes a beautiful friendship. All of our team have their unique personalities – some bright & bubbly, cheeky, quirky, shy, easy-going and sweet.

If you have a preference for a personality type, please let us know at the time of booking – our Front Desk staff are well equipped to make recommendations on who they believe will be a good fit. If you met with a team member and you didn’t quite “click” – next time we can book you with another stylist, there are no hard feelings!

Do I need to confirm my appointment?2018-03-02T13:41:10+11:00

Please! All of our bookings need to be confirmed the day prior to your service. As part of the LUXE Concept Salon experience, we send out a text message 48-hours prior to your appointment – and we ask that you simply respond with a Y (to indicate confirmation of attendance) or N (to indicate cancellation). Alternatively, you can call the salon on (02) 9412 1244 to confirm or reschedule your appointment.

Any bookings that are left unconfirmed will be followed up by our Front Desk staff as a reminder to confirm your appointment. If we are unable to get a hold of you following several contact attempts, LUXE Concept Salon reserves the right to offer your appointment time to others on our wait list.

As you can imagine, our booking times are longer due to the care and precision involved in our work, and our stylists can only fit a limited amount of clients in one day – and this leaves us with a long wait list. Any client that does not show up for a booking without any correspondence may be asked to prepay for future services.

What is the booking fee, and why does LUXE Concept Salon require it?2018-03-02T13:41:18+11:00

At LUXE Concept Salon, we require a booking fee from $50.00-100.00 to secure longer appointments – such as those for colour work or colour correction services. As the length of some of these specialist appointments are so long, due to the nature of the work, we need to ensure clients are serious about our time. No-Show appointments are costly for the salon, and as our stylists work on commission, when clients do not show up, the stylists do not get paid.

Any No-Show appointment will be asked to pay for any other services booked in full prior to their booking should they wish to return to the salon.

Does LUXE Concept Salon guarantee our work?2018-03-02T13:36:54+11:00

Absolutely we do! We understand that sometimes being honest with your stylist is not always a comfortable process, however, please know that our team love what they do – and if you are not happy, they aren’t happy!

Each stylist that has been chosen to work at LUXE Concept Salon does this job because of how passionate they are about the work that they do. We will 100% guarantee any colour that was agreed upon during the consultation. Sometimes colours don’t take, or toners rinse out for various reasons that are specific to your hair, or you hair has even gone brassy after a few washes – all of which can be easily rectified, and we want to know about it, so that we can do our best to assist you.

We encourage our clients to remember that we are working with hair, chemicals, and many external factors that can influence colour. Given this variety, we cannot always predict the way a colour will turn out 100% of the time, and in order to achieve our desired goal, we may need to make adjustments to your formula.

No client should feel the need to leave the salon disappointed, or be too shy to say something – we will always accept your constructive feedback gracefully and with appreciation, as this is seen as an opportunity to improve our work. We ask that you give us the opportunity to rebook you to rectify the issue within two weeks. We also ask that if you have booked in with a particular level of lightness in mind, and the stylist has only committed to achieving a certain level due to certain conditions (such hair safety), we do not class this as fault. You will be given the option to proceed on the day or cancel your booking if you prefer that stay your current colour.

Please discuss your concerns & questions with your stylist at the time of consultation, and any home hair care products that you are currently using. Any products containing sulphates and silicones will void your hair colour warranty once we have finished your service – as they will simply wash out the colour in a much shorter amount of time, or prevent any hair colour from being penetrated & taking to your hair. In order to minimise the risk of this, the stylists at LUXE Concept Salon are well equipped to make suggestions about how to best maintain your colour at home.

Can you get my colour to a bright blonde in the first/one visit?2018-03-02T13:35:38+11:00

This is one of our most frequently asked questions and requested services!

Unless you are a trained hair stylist, it can be hard to understand why it is difficult to achieve blonde straight away. Firstly, genetics places a key role – every single person has an underlying natural pigment that is exposed when we do any form of lightening. For individuals with dark hair, the most common exposed pigment is red. Occasionally, some individuals with brunette hair can achieve a level of blonde very easily – and this may be due to European ancestry where the underlying pigment is quite light.

Any hair that has colour build-up may be difficult to lift easily, and you won’t be able to achieve blonde in one session. If you have stubborn hair that struggles to lift well or quickly – this means you will have a long road ahead! There will be many ‘in between’ colours or red, orange, copper, yellow and the possibly blonde. Because we have no idea how your hair will lift prior to any colour service, sometimes this is a guessing game – and whilst this is difficult, we prefer to be honest with our clients about lightening as a process.

At LUXE Concept Salon, we strongly recommend and prefer to use Olaplex during each session – a treatment that helps keep the hair bonded, and protects the integrity of the hair. We also do our best to use common sense, to only lift the hair to a level that it can tolerate. We are asked many times why we cannot take hair straight to blonde ‘all in one go’ – but if we did that, the integrity of your hair would be so compromised, you would be left with very damaged or no hair at all!

Have faith in your stylist and their recommendations – we want you as a client for life, and do not see the services we provide simply as a way to make money or to ruin your hair. We reserve the right to refuse lightening services, and do it all the time – purely because we know you will regret it if your hair cannot cope. If you are a client that will have a long journey to blonde, we will do our very vest to ensure that your ‘in between’ colours are applied beautifully, and that you will still feel attractive & happy.

What is artificial colour build-up, and how does it affect the desired colour I am trying to achieve?2018-03-02T13:34:43+11:00

Colour build-up refers to any type of colour that has been applied to your hair at any stage. Unless your hair is 100% grown out, you will most likely have old colour remaining on your hair – even if the last colour was applied some time ago.

Colour build-up and the past colour history of your hair will affect the type of result that you would like to achieve now. In some instances, we have found that colour build-up can lead to overlapping, banding, patchiness and colour that is near impossible to remove.

Many clients who have had past colour work done & colour build-up ask us if they can achieve blonde or certain levels of lightness. Once you have colour build-up in your hair, it can take a long time to remove – especially dark tones. Usually, during the lightening process, you will see red, copper, orange, brass and then blonde. In some instances, it can take around a year to completely achieve your desired colour, and it all depends on how easily prior colour can be removed.

We usually get a good indication following the first colour correction setting, and we can estimate a basic timeline for your hair. Please note: anyone with dark or vivid colours will need to book a colour correction service before we can do a regular makeover service for you. This is effectively two bookings, and the standard time for this is approximately five (5) hours.

Who will be colouring my hair?2018-03-02T13:33:54+11:00

We only ever have qualified stylists apply colour. All of our senior staff members have been trained in the same techniques, and each have a minimum of six (6) years as a senior professional. At LUXE Concept Salon, we often work in teams of two, and double consultations are a common occurrence. During your appointment, both a colourist and a stylist will attend you – and everyone has been trained in their field to give you the best hair possible.

Do I need to come into the salon for a consultation prior to my booking?2018-03-02T13:33:13+11:00

We strongly advise all clients to book in for a consultation prior to the actual colour appointment. This complimentary service (15-20 minutes) allows our stylists to assess your hair condition and any possible colour build-up, as well as approximate the time and services required, and give you a more precise and personalised quote.

We do understand that many of our clients travel long distances to come visit us, and it is not always ideal to come for the shorter consultation appointment. We encourage our clients to email us images to our salon email (luxe@luxeconceptsalon.com.au) or privately message our Facebook page. Within this email, we ask that you include your present colour, an accurate and honest colour history, current condition, and a few goal colour choices. This will allow us to get a better understanding of what you would like to try and achieve, and we can allocate the appropriate appointment time.

If we have not seen your hair in person (i.e. through a consultation), we are only able to off a price guide, which will be followed with a more approximate quote prior to the commencement of any services on the day of your booking. If we have not assessed your hair prior to the date of your booking and find that you need a major colour correction or that your hair is too damaged, LUXE Concept Salon reserves the right to not perform any services on the day, and to rebook your appointment where we have a more appropriate amount of time.

Our stylists can only makeover your hair and do their best work if there is enough time allocated, and your hair can handle any kind of chemical service – we prefer not to compromise the integrity of your hair. Sometimes, images used for inspiration are deceiving, and a three (3) hour booking may actually end up being a six (6) hour booking. Our team has been instructed not to begin a service they cannot finish, would have to rush, or produce a result with which you will not be happy. Appointments like this will always end in disappointment, so rather than let you leave unhappy & disappointed, we will rebook for a more appropriate time where we can give you the service you deserve.

How long will my colour booking be?2018-03-02T13:31:21+11:00

The typical colour booking at LUXE is for approximately three (3) hours. This appointment time allows for a consultation, colour application, toning & styling. We allow for this period of time, as much of the colour work we do is creative, and takes time to apply.

Our stylists prefer to have longer bookings as it allows them enough time with you as a client, to do any additional work that may be required or to accommodate any changes from the original appointment plan.

Please bear in mind that any major colour changes (dark to light, or colour corrective appointments) usually require more time. In these instances, we strongly urge our clients to make appointments on days where they can be flexible, as they will be with us at the salon for the whole day.

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