Spray, ruffle and go? 

Most of us opt for this routine when adding a spritz of dry shampoo to our mane. BUT..there is actually a right way to apply it and it can help improve the results and make it last longer!

Mistake One: Spraying & Leaving

A spray and ruffle doesn’t allow the dry shampoo to work to the best of its abilities. If you don’t massage the product into your roots, it will just end up sitting on the top of your hair. Get your hands busy and start massaging the dry shampoo into your roots for the best results.

Mistake Two: Rushing

BUT! Don’t jump in and massage it straight away. Give the product a few minutes to work it’s way into your hair and absorb the excess oil.

Mistake 3: Not Styling After

We recommend setting your blow dryer on cool and running it through your mane to ensure it is distributed evenly. Again, this also helps the product works its way into the hair.

Mistake Four: Only For Greasy Hair

Dry Shampoo is great for use on clean hair too – it will add volume and texture instantly. It can also add a soft hold to your hair so this would be an ideal alternative if your not the biggest fan of how hairspray makes your mane feel.

Mistake Five: Spraying Too Close

We can often make the mistake of spraying too close to the scalp as we think it’ll be more beneficial the closer it is. But, it can end up leaving a white powdery residue on the scalp. You want to make sure you’re applying it 8 – 12 inches away from your roots. You can always add a little more once it’s on your mane, but you can’t take it away.

Mistake Six: Using Too Much

Whilst it’s great to have dry shampoo as an option on days you can’t be bothered to wash your tresses, it can be damaging to use too much. It can start blocking your hair follicles and cause product build up on the scalp. Try to keep the dosage down to 2 – 3 times a week.

Not Sure What Dry Shampoo Is Best For You?