Want longer hair in three months? Kerastase Extensioniste is coming!

Are you tired of asking your stylist for a trim just to keep your hair healthy? Extensioniste targets hair fibre from root to end to keep it strong, while repairing split ends and breakage. Extend your hair limits with Kerastase’ first 90 day hair program designed to optimise and reinforce the length of damaged hair.

Just like a personal trainer for your hair, Extensioniste will keep your hair on track to give you the long hair you have always wanted.

Want to be one of the first people in Australia to receive Kerastase Extenioniste? Pre-Order or contact us to put your name on the wait-list, and as soon as it arrives, we will have it sent out you.

Okay..Let’s Talk About How Long Hair Works 

The Scalp

This is where it all begins. There is actually hair that you can’t see, still alive, already growing below the surface of the skin. As the hair’s foundation and vital source, the scalp must stay healthy to produce strong, long hair. Regular head massages featuring the Serum Extentioniste will make sure the scalp is activated and producing healthy hair.

kerastase extensioniste serum

The Roots

Closest to the scalp, the roots are the “newest” portion of the hair. Usually quite healthy naturally, they can become oily or prematurely dry without the proper product mix. Focusing Bain Extentioniste here and keeping Fondants and Masques about an inch away from the roots will help balance this area of the hair.

bain extensioniste

The Mid-Lengths

By the time hair grows a few inches away from the roots, it is several months old. Exposure to the elements, environmental pollutants and styling can begin to take their toll. This is the point where proper daily care is crucial if the hair is to make it to a long length and remain healthy. Concentrate Fondant Extensioniste or Masque Extentioniste here for extra strength.

fondant extensioniste

The Ends

Often a problem area, the ends of your hair have been with you the longest. They are the most likely to break, split or become dry and sensitized. Proper care and conservative trimming will keep even the longest hair strong at the ends. On an impeccably healthy head of hair, the ends match the roots in thickness and radiance. The way to achieve this goal is to visit your hairdresser for regular trims and Protocole Extensioniste to boost growth and maintain hair health from roots to ends.

With any training program, the goals are strength, stamina and speed. Hair goals aren’t much different. Start your program to your hair in the best shape of your life. Watch as it grows longer in better shape with the right at-home routine and powerful salon boosters.