Luxe Balayage Hairdresser Sydney

What is Balayage? Balayage is a French colouring technique,that is a freehand way of colouring the hair. It can be used to replace traditional foil highlights aswell as colouring short pixie hair however the best results are on hair below shoulders.

The Appeal At LUXE we achieve so many different effects from soft, natural highlights to something strong and punky. The fact it’s so low maintenance is such a draw card for women too. People want to look fashionable and feel good about their appearance but in this day and age we don’t all have the time to be in the salon every few weeks for a touch up. It’s also a very economical way to colour your hair as you never have a solid demarcation line or regrowth, so if you can’t afford to get it done for another month it won’t look atrocious. However, if your balayage isn’t done correctly you can end up with excessive overlapping that can cause damage

Is it for me? Balayage is best done on natural hair, but never fear, most of the work Luxe do to create a balayage look can be initially done with foils until the hair is ready to have only balayage. There are many different techniques we use at Luxe to create this look we may even use foils or a unique technique called ‘FLAMBOYAGE” When you see one of our colour specialist they should always be able to come up with a technique to achieve the look you desire that best suits your hair type and colour history.

Best hairstyles for Balayage At LUXE we always love to see balayage finished with loose curls or a beachy, tousled look where you can see the colour variations ribbon through the hair. Sharp, strong haircuts like a bob require a stronger colour or a block colour to show off the cut. Balayage is best left to more flowing hairstyles.

 Olaplaex Maintanence Tips Balayage will dry your hair out no more than classic foiling as long as you have a trained professional applying your colour. As with foils you should always use salon professional shampoos and conditioners as well as have regular treatments. No matter what the technique, your colour will always look its best if your hair is in good condition Olaplaex ensures this.Because of the lightening and its focus on the ends of your hair using Olaplex before , during your colour service and after are essential to maintain integrity of the hair

Does Balayage have an expiry date? The technique has been around for so long and will remain an integral part of the way we colour in the salon. However, the trend at the moment with the heavy graduation from dark to light is constantly changing. It started out about five years ago being very subtle with people like Gisele Bundchen being a favourite. A more natural, sun-kissed effect was desired then. In the last few years we have seen much stronger effects being worn, for example

[stylist] Pip Edwards, who has really taken it to the next level. This winter we have seen the same techniques used but with a warmer, deeper feel. Lots of celebrities have their balayage finished with pastel glosses aswell as introducing more foiling through the top to create “SOMBRE” a softer ombre.

Celebrity Balayage favourites We love Australian actress Rose Byrne, Lauren Conrad, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, and of course, Jessica Alba

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