With winter coming to an end and summer almost here, it’s time to care for and nourish your hair, and stay abreast of new spring & summer 2015-2016 trends which are absolutely inspiring. So start the new season with a long dreamt for look – a good haircut does wonders for your hair and it always grows back, so why not take a risk?

Luxe haircut trends are full of volume and natural movement giving an intense and free wave to hair. The challenge is to find a dynamic style that remains between femininity and rock spirit – there is nothing more timeless than an effortless, cool look.

risk-1The long bob haircut has been a hit in the spring / summer 2015 fashion season, and it looks like this will continue to be a strong trend in 2016. This haircut is super modern and versatile, characterized by having a length up to 8cm off the shoulders, a straight perimeter, misaligned or asymmetrical – promising a glamorous look.

On the other hand, the already known short bob is everywhere in spring & summer 2015-2016 fashion trends, and is once again a hit and an inspiration for those wanting a sharp new look, always versatile and very stylish.

– This type of haircut does not benefit those who have a round face, as it will further accentuate the rounded face
– If you have a long face, short bob helps to shorten it and to look more oval
– This haircut integrates very well with a square face
– Bangs help on a better framework of this cut and may be short, long or even asymmetrical, according the need for balance.  For those who like to take risks, long bangs in degradé is a must!

risk-3Side bangs is another big bet of spring/summer 2015-2016 haircut trends. This is a perfect way to get a new look without having to change the length or cut of your hair. Just do a side bang and you already have a completely different look.

But beware! While done well, bangs can rejuvenate, hide imperfections and even lengthen the silhouette; but with a wrong haircut choice all benefits are automatically replaced by an aesthetic disaster!