Achieve long-lasting, straight hair for up to 8 months with our revolutionary relaxing treatment. Designed to replace Keratin Systems and Japanese Permanent Straightening Treatments, Nanoplasty is free from harsh chemicals and Formaldehyde, making it safer for both the Client and Stylist alike.

Nanoplasty eliminates 100% of any frizz you may have had prior to the service and you will be able to wash and wear your hair straight and shiny with no to minimal heat styling. In addition to straightening the hair, Nanoplasty also repairs the hair from the inside out and can be used to purely relax the most curliest of hair to a more manageable curl. It is produced with Organic Acids, Açai, and Linseed Oil, all of which are vegan and natural.

Experience a Nanoplasty Straightening Treatment at Luxe Salon in July & August and enjoy $50.00 off your service. Prices are from:

  • Short (Jaw Length): $315.00
  • Medium (Shoulder or above): $360.00
  • Long (Below Shoulder) $400.00
  • Extra Long (Mid Back): $460.00

Offer valid with Stylist Levels Only. Offer ends 31st August, 2024.